Our Mission

Brightlobe Labs is a non-profit organisation. Brightlobe Studios is a game studio. They work together to create games that hide neurodevelopmental assessments. Our aim is to make sure that every child – regardless of their start in life – is on track for a successful future.

What's a neurodevelopmental assessment?

A neurodevelopmental assessment is an evaluation of a child’s brain systems, as compared to children of a similar age. The comparison group is obtained from the population that a child comes from.

We lead research.

Brightlobe Labs is a non-profit organisation that is designed to carry out the research and development that forms the basis for our games. Labs also owns and protects any research data that is collected.

We build games.

Brightlobe Studios is a game studio that translates neurodevelopmental assessments (designed by Brightlobe Labs) into immersive and imaginative games for children.

We’re committed to child health.

Our games allow caregivers to monitor a child’s progress. But there’s a bigger picture: each time a participating child plays the game, they contribute to a pool of data that will help revolutionize child health research.

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