Brightlobe is a studio with heart.

We craft magical, immersive experiences for tablets that help children reach their potential. Brightlobe is a game studio and a VC-backed healthcare and education technology startup.

once upon a time…

A grown-up discovered that growing up is harder than it looks. Sometimes, the journey can be exceptionally tough for the smallest humans among us 🐣 Whatever the reason, early challenges can make life difficult ☔️

when suddenly…

The grown-up began to imagine a game. What if children could explore a magical world? What if gameplay could help parents, teachers and doctors map 🗺 a child’s growth? Could we create an ecosystem to better support all children?

so, finally…

The grown-up set to work. There were long nights of writing code powered by several cups of coffee ☕️  There were victories 🏆 And, as in all good stories, there were setbacks.

But, we got there in the end. And now we’re focused on making these words come true for all children:

…happily ever after.