Brightlobe is not currently hiring. Please continue to check back for opportunities in the future.


We are software engineers, artists, doctors, surgeons and scientists πŸ”¬who are knitting together this storied and diverse expertise to create magnificent, meaningful experiences for the smallest among us 🐣


The best sprints πŸƒπŸ½ come from good pacing. We chart a long-term vision, but pay special attention to the finer details; work iteratively and collaboratively; take time πŸ•° to get things right; make the space to pitch and challenge ideas πŸ’‘


We keep learning πŸ““ about our craft. We are inspired by advances in immersive storytelling πŸ“š; tuck ideas away for future trails to follow; trawl for developments – in everything from AR to animatronics – to share food for thought πŸ₯˜Β with the team.