We’re making a game to better support children with dyslexia.

Sign up and you may be given special access to games that are designed to improve developmental and educational outcomes in children ages 3 to 8 years-old. You’ll be given the download link to access the game – so you can provide feedback before anyone else!

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Why test our game?

Brightlobe has been working diligently – in partnership with collaborators based at Stanford University – on games that are capable of improving developmental and educational outcomes in children ages 3 to 8 years-old. We’re looking for families to help us make sure we’re building something that children and parents across the world will love!

By signing up, you’ll:

  • Gain special access to try new features of our games and apps before we release them
  • Be invited to our future Brightlobe village and community events, including our launch in London!
  • Earn tester discounts when Brightlobe’s full system is released

You’ll play a pivotal part in helping us to:

  • Perform usability studies – simply by playing our incredibly fun iPad and Android games – to make sure that we’re building games children adore
  • Capture feedback from the people who matter the most: parents and children – so that we can continue to improve our service before it is released later this year
  • Inform Brightlobe Labs, a sister non-profit that ensures our data is never commercialised and used only for academic research; and to ensure that our technology reaches those who need it the most

*for a limited time.

What does participation involve?

To participate, you will need:

  • A child between 3 and 8 years-old
  • An iPad or a Samsung tablet
  • Access to Google Play or the Appstore

When you sign up, we’ll be in touch with you to provide more information. At that time, you’ll be free to ask us any questions that you may have. Many thanks for your interest.

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