it takes a village – and a game.

Brightlobe crafts tablet 🎮 games that support a child’s growth + development 🌱 We bring parents, teachers and doctors – all across this big blue marble 🌎 – together.

we're hiring ⛵️

once upon a time…

A grown-up discovered that growing up is harder than it looks. Sometimes, the journey can be exceptionally tough for the smallest humans among us 🐣 Whatever the reason, early challenges can make life difficult ☔️

when suddenly…

The grown-up began to imagine a game. What if children could explore a magical world? What if gameplay could help parents, teachers and doctors map 🗺 a child’s growth? Could we create an ecosystem to better support all children?

so, finally…

The grown-up set to work. There were long nights of writing code powered by several cups of coffee ☕️  There were victories 🏆 And, as in all good stories, there were setbacks.

But, we got there in the end. And now we’re focused on making these words come true for all children:

…happily ever after.

so, what’s the 🎮 about?

We’re keeping the best part under wraps for now. All we can say is that after months of storyboarding and pitches, we’re pretty excited. Keep up with us here.

what is brightlobe labs? 🔬

Good question! To clarify, Brightlobe Labs is an independent legal entity that is not controlled by Brightlobe. Labs is a non-profit that exists to steward children’s health data.
Check back here soon for a link to Labs’ own website. 

walk with us

We believe in a better 🌎 Now, we’re looking for some incredible people with big ❤️s – 👩🏼‍🎨 [artists] + 🖥 [engineers] – to join our team.

come along